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Beam Repair & Restoration

Are you seeing the warning signs like crumbling or warped beams on your overhangs? Is the paint peeling away in your atrium or garage?


Once this initial detective work is complete and it is clear your Streng or Eichler beams have dryrot, this means there are only two questions to answer: Do I repair, or do I replace? That's the time to call me because sometimes the answer is, both.


Each beam has a specific purpose and it needs to be replaced or repaired with a certain kind of lumber too. So if a beam needs to be modified or changed, I anticipate specific issues and understand how to make sure the integrity of your home will not be compromised.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Let's start at the end – long after your remodel has been completed, you will have to live with the results. Therefore, it is my practice to welcome homeowners to help make decisions and voice ideas and opinions related to construction process because ultimately, we all aspire to a common goal — to create a kitchen or bath that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


With a solid construction budget in place, a design that works, good preparation and flexibility, my hope is that you will find the process or remodeling a rewarding experience.

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Recent Kitchen Remodel Examples
Example 1

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Example 2

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Additions & other Remodeling needs

Including an experienced architect is wise, particularly on projects that  alter exterior designs, add exterior footprint to your home, or that changes a complex design detail. Architects develop creative solutions with design and construction and provide "50% drawings" that let's me assess the scope of the work. From these, I assign rough estimates to your project without you being committed to the greater costs usually associated with finished remodeling plans.


Interior remodeling projects like baths, kitchens and fences might or might not include a designer, architect, engineer and more. A thorough discussion bewteen us about your project will help to determine what is needed and what other services may or may not be needed. Let's talk.

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